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Draft and Trades

I just received an email from my esteemed co-author that read simply: Lamar and Shannon for Raymond Felton and Wilson Chandler.

I’ll respond here: NO!

I just don’t believe that is time for us to start hypothetically dealing away core players.  Don’t get me wrong I am on edge when Shannon is on the court and Odom’s playoffs were far from stellar; luckily for him he was overshadowed by Pau’s disappearance.  The Pau to the T’Wolves for the #2 and Kevin Love rumor and the Bynum in the place of Pau have me shaking my head.  I even read a Bynum for Tony Parker rumor that infuriated me.  One thing I am sure that Mike Brown CAN do (maybe even better than PJ) is figure out how to play Bynum and Pau together effectively.

To quote funny man Brian Hader, “pump the brakes” Laker fans.  The consensus takeaways from this season were that the Lakers need youth, athleticism, and an above average point guard.  Steve Blake was not the solution this year, but I’m not sold on giving up the 6th man of the year for two players with 14 combined playoff games.  This is the curse of being a Lakers fan; we want athleticism, experience, youth, veterans, ball movement, great one-on-one players, and championships.  I may be a rare specimen, but I still think Pau is a top 3 PF, Odom is top 12 among PFs, and I believe Steve Blake will play much better with more minutes and a system other than the triangle offense, which has little use for Blake’s ability to create.  What I’m saying is kind of what GM Mitch Kupchak said after the season, return the core of the team with a few tweaks.

From what I hear from my “sources” (various podcasts, blogs, and tweets) the Lakers are looking to deal some of their 4 second round picks to move into the first round.  They want youth at the guard position and I agree with that, I can only hope that Mitch, Jim, Jerry, and Mike are a little bit more rational than we are.

With that said, how about Kobe for Dirk?! I’m just saying.


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