The Winter of Our Discontent

There hasn’t been a new post around here for a while.  I’ve been wanting to write one forever, but the honest truth is that I haven’t had a lot of positive things to write about.  Sure, the lockout ended, but just as quickly we saw and lost CP3 from the roster.  The season started, but just as quickly Kobe sprained his wrist and his shooting and ball handling have clearly been affected since.  It’s just been that kind of lockout-shortened season.  So I decided that I wasn’t going to write a thing until Andrew Bynum came back, we had some games under our belt, and we could actually see how this Lakers squad has the potential of panning out.  So far?  Well, “incomplete.”  Bill Simmons’ cousin may have said it best when he said that the fourth best player on this roster isn’t on the team yet.  I wanted to believe that five white guys could combine to give me one decent backup wing player and backup power forward, but the reality is we need last year’s Lamar Odom and some fresh blood at the 2 or 3.  There’s no getting around that this team doesn’t look like a complete championship contender just yet.  But there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Andrew Bynum is as good as advertised, and even if he doesn’t stick around, every single 20-20 game that comes his way increases his trade value exponentially.  Pau Gasol showed that he still has some life when Drew was suspended, and although he’s disappeared a little bit as of late, there is still reason to hope that more acclamation to Mike Brown’s (surprisingly great) defense and offense will return him to his All-Star numbers.

Am I satisfied?  Hell no.  You don’t put up 16 banners and be satisfied with 4-4, but in this long and cold winter at least we can be satisfied that the Lakers are putting a legitimate team on the floor, with a great coach, a fearless ownership (CP3 trade was ballsy at the least, no?) and a hunger to win.  This will be a crazy season, with multiple 4 and 5 game weeks, and no one is going to know anything until the playoffs start (remember that NYK 8th seed hitting the Finals?).  The 2000’s were our time, and its up to Coach Brown to make the ’10s his time.  For now, just huddle up with some hot cocoa and I guess see what happens.


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