Chris Webber Should Replace Mark Jackson

Mike Breen has been hassling Mark Jackson on national TV since he accepted the Warriors gig a few days ago.  While it may seem like all fun when listening on TV, the reality is that he and JVG know that without Mark Jackson, that announcing team has a lot less credibility and the personality dynamics will go to shit.  So while I was watching Lebron piss away another “most important game of [his] life,” I realized the NBA would be losing a key component of its recent TV success if they didn’t find a way to keep Breen and Van Gundy on the air together.  That, obviously, means replacing Mark Jackson with someone of equal caliber.  They can’t bring in Dennis Miller.

It’s interesting that I feel this way.  At one point during the 2010 Finals I wished there was a Mark Jackson mute button.  But the more I think about it, the more I realize that his insights into the game are directly attributable to his immense knowledge of basketball, being one of the best point guards of the modern era.  Also, his personal relationship with JVG is unmatched.  That may be irreplaceable.  But if you are looking for a smart, intelligent, well-versed TV personality to replace Mark Jackson, there is no better choice than Chris Webber.  Why? I give you one example.

Nothing more needs to be said.  Any one that tells David Khan to his face how awful he is deserves to be on television (or in the GM suite).  In any case, Webber has my pick for the NBA on ABC team for 2011-2012.


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