Stories of an NBA Lockout

JBH has a keen interest in the NBA Lockout because, frankly, without the Lakers in the Fall our lives have less purpose.

Today’s mood: gloomy.

Derek Fisher announced today that the owners haven’t budged in the past 18 months over their demands, many of which have been categorized as “non-starters” by the players’ union.  As we all know, CBA negotiations don’t really matter until there are missed games on the line, so with the probability of a lockout almost 100%, the real question is whether the league will actually lose games, so until that point of no return comes, it’s not really useful to dissect every negotiating point.  But as a refresher, here are the most ludicrous and totally backward demands the owners are making:

  1. 700-800 million dollars returned in already signed guaranteed contracts
  2. An NFL style hard salary cap
  3. Shortened maximum length contracts

Remember fans, its the players’ fault that Rashard Lewis makes max money and Travis Outlaw makes $7,000,000 a year.  A lockout will happen, but who wins this battle of the million and billionaires is anyone’s guess.


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