Rise and Shine Lakerland

Today’s just like every other morning.  Wake up.  Take a shit.  Put on some coffee.  Read about the Lakers.  So of course I turned to the venerable K-Bros over at ESPN LA, and I took a gander at their chat transcript from last night.  If you don’t want to read it (which is absolutely understandable), here’s the gist of the thinking:

1) Is there a free agent available?

2) Will the Lakers be better if they get him?

3) The Lakers will get said free agent.

There’s something refreshingly awesome about the fact that the confidence among Lakers fans is to the point where no one is untouchable, its just a matter of working within the draconian CBA rules which are obviously designed to keep the Lakers from getting all of the best players.

Here’s some other tidbits that might get your eyes open:

Good hunting Lakers fans.


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